Saturday, February 20, 2010

Memphis Baby!!!

Ok so after being here for about a month and a half I feel it is finally time to write a blog.
Being so busy the whole time and never stopping means we have done a lot so I will try sum it up without writing to much.

The flight here was fine, was my first time flying I actually quite enjoyed it apart from the landing and my ears hurting like hell.
Back to the first week I can remember it being very scary and different and I have to say I did not love it at first. However that said I meet a group of great exchange students at orientation, I think there are around 18 exchange students.
My first main experience from the first week was a trip into the ghetto, along with the other exchange students we decided to walk to a gospel concert however ended up walking through the ghetto to get there. Soo sooo scary, gangs hanging about shouting ahhh I thought I was going to die, plus when I got home my flat mate explained to me how it was gang initiations week! I feel thankful to be alive, I don’t think you can understand how scary something like that is unless you experience it
We also took a trip to “the man cave” and played some beer pong. The Americans take their drinking games very serious, they actually care about winning rather than just getting drunk.
We went on a musical bus tour of Memphis which was fun got to see a lot of cool places.

Then I feel in love with Memphis! I think this pretty much happened when I experienced my first Basketball game. I am a fan for life now haha, it has replaced my partying back home. On that note halls here are very different to back home, it is a dry campus therefore no alcohol is allowed in flats and no members of the opposite sex allowed over past midnight, Crazy!!!!! Has really taken some getting used to.

They have snow days over here for the tiniest amount of snow! Everything is far apart and no one walks anywhere! Fast-food places are everywhere.

Went to a few house party’s on a night where everywhere was frozen over was like an iced over pond everywhere. Very hard, but funny to walk on.

Attended a load more basketball games they really are amazing! Helps that there is nice eye candy on the team. Talking eye candy the gym wow became my second home in the first month, I’m now obsessed with MUSCLES sooo sexy!!!

A girl from our class Lauren took us to a superbowl party which was fun the food was good, however American football does not have anything on basketball!

Checked out a hip-hop night club called senses was very different to anywhere I have ever been before but was a very fun experience and would like to go back there again before I leave. Pre party games were fun with flip cup, me and Romina are the queen’s of flipcup!

Went to Overton High School then spent the day hanging with girl from our course butter which was fun.

Next day went to wolfchase shopping mall. WOW so many shops had to to find blue and grey dress’s for a ball. The ball it’s self was fun but just so different to back home … everyone was sober.
We then went to check out a nightclub called Hollywood disco, what a place! Kim had been before so once we got in after paying $10 I was just like why on earth did we come here. It was so trashy the toilets were just a room with shower curtains and it was just a mess. Fast forward an hour and I was LOVING it, they played all my fav songs was just great fun, people were allowed to take their own alcohol in ( not me of course as I’m under 21 boo). Going back there again for sure!

So yeah this is a bit rubbish so far but I will come back and update it when I have time =)